Finding The Right Path For Your Purpose

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Path to Purpose

By Michael Conteh

Purpose is your spiritual GPS signal in your brain that provides insight whether or not you are on the right path. Remember one thing about paths: it is not always a beautiful yellow brick road of easy living, but a path of growth will have some bumpy roads.

For younger individuals that path is not apparent right away so I encourage you to fix the things you can fix so you are in the right position when you come across your life’s path. I did not discover my true calling until I was 28 years old. I do not think there is one clear path you must take, but two to three preferred paths, two to three average paths, and two to three poor paths.

Sometimes you may have issues along the journey, but as long as you are content with your process and your effort level, you will find success. My definition of purpose is a deep-down feeling that you are on the right journey in life, moving in the right direction, and consistently making progress.  Maybe all life is about is discovering your purpose and fulfilling it. Anything else will be an unfulfilling existence. Purpose is such a powerful tool and separates those that achieve and those that never develop to their maximum potential.

At minimum, if you are not sure what to do or where you should be going, then be the best version of yourself. I encourage you to continue trying different things and expanding your mind. That is why it’s valuable to take subjects like anthropology and other courses in college or try a new hobby. All your neurons work together to produce your thoughts and ideas, and the better diversity of neurons you possess the more creative you can be. You arrived on this earth with specialized skills and you need to improve on those skills, or continue searching for them.

Imagine your spirit as a radio antenna on an enormous satellite dish of someone/something greater. We have to be listening at the correct frequency and pointed in the right direction in hear the messages clearly. Think what happens when you hear a frequency that is too loud; to aggressive, or something that does not resonate with you. There are other frequencies, but those are not for purpose, they are for the selfish, greedy, narcissistic, and the self-absorbed. Some frequencies quench your spirit and have your soul feeling alive, and some frequencies take parts of your soul in exchange for all the glitter and gold.

There is something to be said of being at the right place at the right time or just feeling happy to be in the moment. It is an amazing feeling of knowing you are on the right path and this gives hope when times are rough. When you have a clear purpose, even if you get knocked off course, you know where and how to get back on track. If you are off course, maybe you need to forgive someone; ask for forgiveness; change your mindset; or increase your self-motivation; In most situations, people have ideas of what they should do; but are stubborn, unwilling, unmotivated, or too anxious to proceed.

Humans lose their compass if they do not have purpose. Purpose is the central force that keeps individuals motivated and moving forward. Growing and transforming who you are is vital to achieve goals that produce true happiness. Discover your purpose and observe the world around you change for the better.

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