Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for your interest in Balance Coaching & Consulting.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us for more information.

Wellness coaching is a partnership where we look to improve the mind, body, and spirit of an individual. It takes all three system to help a person grow to their fullest potential. It consists of mutual understanding between a well-trained, wellness coach and a client who wants more out of life.

When people want to reach their highest potential, manage a life transition, or simply get out of a rut, they get a coach. Today, more people are using coaches than ever to help improve their lives, accomplish more, and maintain their overall wellbeing.

We schedule one-hour sessions with you based on your availability via virtual meetings. We certainly encourage you to email us if something is needed between sessions. If you need clarification regarding a previous session or want to report a “win” that only your coach will understand, write anytime 24-7. Additionally, expect some objective to accomplish between sessions to give improve knowledge of the coaching concepts.

You are not obligated to discuss any emotions you do not want to. It is up to each client but you have full control how deep we discuss your emotions. We provide coaching at any pace to keep you both motivated and excited about your growth

Balance lifestyle coaching loves to give honest advice and positive feedback. We are huge fans of appreciative inquiry and helping individuals recognize their strengths while improving on areas of improvement. Our business uses data to accurately determine objectives to get a great indicator about the rate of success. We work with many personalities therapy objectives are created to accommodate the needs of each person.

Filling out any paperwork can be a burdensome chore, but it pays tremendous dividends. Initial paperwork aids to understand you on multiple levels, so the approach is as specific to your individual needs. Baseline data makes a positive launching point to discover potential strengths and weaknesses. Data gives the opportunity to reflect and examine an objective analysis on your skills set. We can measure progress to show effectiveness of program and how consistently performance is increasing.

Most things we learn take time, but we are efficient as possible to maximize our programming with your precious time. If you have any issues, reach out and we would be happy to find a suitable solution. If you are unhappy for any reason, you can give a 30-day notice to end the subscription. You will all paperwork and data during your time in our coaching program. We encourage to give program 90 days to see positive benefits that lasts long term.

Yes, we love to collaborate with Psychologist, Professional counselors and other related fields. Psychologists do a superb job helping with healing the past while our program concentrates on what skills to gain now to improve for your future. We are an excellent fit for those who are just about to leave a program and need some organization and minor support in setting up a personal growth system.

Yes, gut health is fundamental to brain health. There are more neurons in your stomach then in your actual brain. Nutrients and all the cells in your body get their energy from what you eat. We contract with nutritionists to get your body balanced, to position yourself for optimum growth. If you can control the energy you receive from the food you eat, it goes a long way to improving your health and wellness.

Absolutely, yes. We are also entrepreneurs and understand the struggle with staying balanced while pushing the business forward. Very few people understand the grind and difficulty of running your own business and how much energy it takes to maintain your wellness and balance. Having run a successful business from scratch to selling for millions, we understand all parts of company growth. We would be delighted to be a thought partner if you are considering or currently running a business