Wellness and self-change coaching

  • Are you constantly running out of energy to accomplish your life goals?
  • We want to encourage people so they can fix broken systems and/or pursue their dreams. We provide support so you can have the energy to make a meaningful difference in this world.
  • Feel stuck and uncertain what to do next? We benefit those dealing with anxiety, mild depression and PTSD, and mild trauma using decompression techniques.
  • Do you feel you are flying too close to the sun and you are about to fall? We respect individuals who push themselves to create magnificent art whether in the office or in your personal life. Wellness coaching gives you the tools to manage steady energy and understand how to access mental flow states consistently.

The best investment you can ever make is in yourself

Types of individuals that will greatly benefit from this program

  • Working from home and need more positive stimulation feedback from an outside source
  • Self-change project for anxiety and/or burnout
    • Anxiety/Mild Trauma/Depression/PTSD/ADHD
    • People getting out of a toxic relationship
    • Mild to moderate addiction to technology
  • Coaching for creatives and high-level business performers
  • Entrepreneurs as our staff understand the difficult grind running your own company. We have much appreciation for individuals with the entrepreneurial spirit and know how demanding this path can be.
  • People with loads of creative energy, NTs in their Myers Briggs personality type, or extraordinarily powerful personalities. We love outliers and individuals who think outside the box and push the envelope.

Wellness curriculum

We start with fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence then you choose which modules you would prefer to try next.

  • Emotional Intelligence I - First 2 months of any subscription
  • Emotional Intelligence II – 2 months
  • Brain – 3 months
  • Body – 3 months
  • Spirit - 3 months
  • Social skills - 2 months
  • Impulse control, technology addiction, and decision making – 2 months
  • Diversity and Advocacy – 1 month

You can work on any module or try all 18 months of program. After completion of each module and/or entire program, you receive a celebration certificate of completion. The certificate is in ceremony only but gives you a goal to reach and to be proud of your hard work and achievements.

Special Offer for 2020!!!

  • Gold – 1st 25 people who complete assessment process with $50 deposit get 2 free coaching sessions.
  • Platinum – $100 deposit and you get 2 free coaching sessions
  • Concierge – Once accepted and $250 deposit get 4 free coaching sessions. 9 spots remain
Gold Subscription   
Myers Briggs personality assessment to evaluate areas to improve       
1 hour coaching for assessment review and Behavior Improvement Plan
Review your 3-page Behaivor Improvement Plan
3 emails a month. Will return emails within 3 business days
Once a month special Q and A webinar of celebration
Once a year personalized training session on Zoom
Free access to all webinars
15% discount for individual coaching (min 3 hours)
Platinum Subscription - Most Popular Package
1 or 2 hours of individualized coaching monthly   
Assist making Behavior Improvement Plan and yearly update  
Quarterly 1-page report on goals for next quarter             
Between-session goals to increase rate of improvement  
Yearly curriculum available via webinar  
Concierge Subscription
3 hours of coaching and access to other contracted providers available    
After assessment, we craft the 4-page plan and update quarterly    
Access to leadership program from Balance Coaching and consulting for free ($2000 value)    
We assist with research for any self improvement plans    

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Gold Subscription (Includes) $59 a month - 30-day notice, cancel any time. Benefits include:

Gold subscription - Have a strong game plan during abundant and challenging times to continue growing steadily for yourself and your loved ones. There is a primitive and advanced sides of your brain and we help you merge these two sides to establish a well-balanced individual. It took years to make a negative habit, but we can help you break  bad habits and build new positive habits for sustainable success. Balance Lifestyle Coaching is a thought partner when making hard decisions.

  • Our wellness program will help you keep track of any relevant data in areas of your brain, body, and spirit
  • The 3-page self-change project assists to establish your rules, goals, boundaries, and tribe.
  • Access to any templates of paperwork for that module
  • Between-session objectives to accomplish to sustain your progress
  • We assist you in writing your self change plan
  • We analyze and update the plan quarterly to keep you growing at your own pace

Platinum subscription - 1x a month coaching/webinars $200   l   2x a month coaching/webinars $375 (Most popular subscription)

Platinum subscription – Our most popular coaching subscription gives you the stability and energy to push yourself to higher achievements. Coaching helps empower you with stronger knowledge and the satisfaction of knowing you can communicate to a Behavior Analyst and wellness expert each month.

  • We co-write the initial 3-page program giving positive feedback to make your plan successful and built for your needs
  • Positive roleplay to improve in your capacity to connect to your thoughts and how to overcome negative emotions.
  • Improve on decision making and time management skills
  • Assistance to maximize your morning and evening routines to allow quality free time
  • Reduce negative internal dialogue and build positive thoughts to take its place

Concierge 3 hours of coaching/webinars plus amenities for $495 a month. Limited availability

Concierge subscription – Our deluxe subscription aims to iron out most of life’s pain points. It is an exclusive program to provide the highest attention for individuals who wish to drastically make changes in specific areas of their life. 3 hours of coaching are available each month where some hours can be allocated for any of Balance Lifestyle coaching contracted providers. Examples are nutritionist, professional counseling, fitness instructor, and more.

  • After discovery assessment, we create the 4-page improvement plan
  • We present research on latest nutrition and wellness to give you objectives information so you can make a quality decision.
  • Our wellness program help manage your relevant data and we send monthly reminders of how regularly you want to review progress in different areas.
  • We help you recognize and enhance your ability to enter into flow states on a more consistent basis.
  • The leadership program from our sister company gives you a distinct edge in learning how to manage others and work conflict resolution.
  • At Balance Lifestyle Coaching, we help you identify the ideal friends, partners, and tribe that is supportive and encouraging.
  • There is a detailed screening process for this subscription. Schedule a time below to begin the screening process


Price for webinar without subscription - $30 per webinar

Webinars compliment coaching subscriptions and help build educational knowledge of skills vital for the keep balance and wellness. Webinars 1x a month with these slated for 1st Qtr. 2021:


  • Burnout and finding your energy pluses and energy leaks


  • Love and forgiveness – The fastest and most challenging path to exponential growth


  • Seek your spirit - Purpose is the GPS to your life's journey


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